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Who we are

Cincideutsch is a group of German-speaking residents in Cincinnati, Ohio. We come together to celebrate our German heritage through such events as our weekly Regulars’ Table, by participating in events like Oktoberfest, which are sponsored by various other local German organizations, and by becoming involved in the arts and community development.


The speaking experience of members ranges from beginner to native speaker, so if you are looking to put your language skills into practice or keep up-to-date with local German culture, join Cincideutsch at one of our many events.

No membership or fee is required, simply a love of all things German is enough. Get your Cincideutsch membership card and enjoy the perks which come with it. Talk to your weekly Stammtisch host to learn more.

Who we are

Cincideutsch Stammtisch


Every Monday, Cincideutsch gathers at Hofbräuhaus in Newport, for a regulars’ table. It is a twist on the traditional German Stammtisch, where community members come together to discuss specific topics. Cincideutsch’s weekly gathering gives people a place to meet other German speakers, whether they be permanent residents of Cincinnati or temporarily visiting the city for work or student exchange programs. You will find yourself learning about homebrewing, the local music scene, downtown’s latest ventures, German cultural events throughout the area, and much more.

CincyStammtisch Munich
Cincideutsch regulars who returned to their home city of Munich, Cincinnati's sister city, began their own CincyStammtisch at Sendlinger Augustiner (Alramstraße 24). The group meets every second Monday of the month. 

Meet us at Stammtisch,
every Monday at 6:00pm!

Our Mission

Cincideutsch is a group of German-speakers in Greater Cincinnati. We hold Stammtisch weekly for casual conversation and are proud to bring events such as Christkindlmarkt to our community, bridging historically German Cincinnati with the rich German culture of today.

Our Mission
Ou Mission

Our Vision

Learning the German language can be difficult, but keeping it might be even more challenging if it isn't practiced regularly. We provide a safe and fun environment for German speakers who want to keep practicing German all while enjoying friendly conversation over a cold beer.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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